Measurement Guide


  • Measuring for your new Custom Printed ReFlex Overlay could not be simpler.

  • We require this measure to ensure your ReFlex overlay is fit for purpose and easy to install onto your existing whiteboard.

  • Measure the internal dimensions of your frame (as shown).

  • We advise to measure in 2 places for both dimensions (height and width).

  • If your board in not square, let us know the smallest measurements.

Recess or between objects

  • Measuring in a Recess or between objects needs to be accurate to ensure your board fits within the required area.

  • With this measurement we advise to measure in 3 places.

  • We require the smallest dimension from your height and width.

Cut n Join Whiteboards

  • Firstly, decide which wall area you wish to cover with your Custom Printed Whiteboard.

  • Within that area, look for any obstructions or objects which will prevent your board from fixing flat to your wall.

  • Measure the distance between the closest objects (as shown).

  • Let us know your measurements and we will advise your available options using our Cut & Join System.