Which Board do I need?

Once you have decided a VISCO Visual Communication board is what you require to solve your problem, we are here to help you on your journey of turning your idea into reality. At this stage you will already have a custom design in mind, but which board do you need to combine it with so it is as efficient and effective as possible.
Here are some questions which will help you make that decision:

  • Where are the boards to be fixed?
  • How will it be fixed, to a wall or on a mobile station?
  • Do you need to move the board around your workplace?
  • Do you have a specific area you wish to fill?
  • Do you need to keep costs down by using frameless saver boards?
  • Does the board need to be fully functional with magnetic accessories?
  • Do you require any additional accessories to complement your design?

Look at our FAQs to get all the answers, or call our sales project assistants on 0141 637 4892