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  • Printed Magnetic Whiteboards

    Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

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    A High quality, premium grade Custom printed Magnetic Whiteboard improves the functionality of a standard whiteboard. They assist in production schedules, monitor sales targets, record progress and help you plan effectively to ensure your workforce are working efficiently. Your personalised whiteboards  can also be combined with full colour custom printed magnetic shapes, symbols and images to add much needed interactivity.

  • Printed Magnetic Unframed Whiteboards

    Printed Magnetic Unframed Whiteboard

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    If you are looking for a modern custom printed whiteboard but still keeping the magnetic capabilities then we can simply remove the frame. We can print your custom designs, grids and illustrations directly onto 3mm composite board, and cut to any size. These boards are supplied without the aluminium frame, and can be fixed with screws and caps, or double sided tape as an additional extra. Premium grade performance and perfect for exact fixing into recesses. Ideal for multiple boards for full wall coverage.

  • Printed Modern Magnetic Whiteboards

    Printed Modern Magnetic Whiteboard

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    High quality Modern Magnetic Whiteboard is a surface with a sleek unframed finish. Thanks to its unique design and easy installation, several boards can be tiled together to cover entire walls. Bringing a modern contemporary look by removing the aluminium frame these are ideal for schools and swish office environments. Custom designs applied to the face using premium grade drywipe materials. Its innovative fixing system allows all fixings to be concealed.

  • Magnet Overlays

    Printed Magnet Overlay

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    Overlays are an ideal product when you require continuous improvement and an ever changing design. Custom cut to size we can print your overlay to suit your specific requirements. It is the perfect tool when space is an issue. You may only have the room for one board but require several designs. This is where the Printed Magnet Overlay can help. Simple to remove and install it can be rolled up and stored ready for its next purpose. Using a magnetic whiteboard as the backboard the Printed Magnet Overlay can also be added to the tired existing boards you have in your workplace.

  • Printed Magnetic Cut & Join Whiteboards

    Printed Magnetic Cut & Join Whiteboard

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    Printed Magnetic Cut & Join Whiteboards allow you to Transform your Wall into a stunning and creative full colour printed design. Our printed Magnetic Cut & Join Whiteboards enable you to connect multiple boards together using connecting joining strip, creating the ultimate writing space. Designs can be applied over joining strips allowing to create one continuous design which can be made to fit a specific area.



  • Printed Magnetic Custom Shape Whiteboards

    Printed Magnetic Custom Shape

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    Don’t settle for a rectangle shaped Whiteboard. Using the very latest in ‘print and cut’ technology, we can router cut your custom boards to any shape or size. Circles, radius corners or even complex shapes. Create stunning shaped boards for effective internal effect.