Upload Artwork

You will have the opportunity to upload the artwork for your Custom Printed Whiteboard once you checkout your order.

During the process of purchasing your Personalised Whiteboard you will be asked to select one of the following artwork options.

  • I Will Provide – If you have the skills to design your own artwork, please choose your specific whiteboard from our Artwork Templates. Using our Artwork Guidelines, please provide a full design in a format requested. You will then upload your artwork when you check out.
  • File Check – If you already have your whiteboard artwork to scale, please upload when you are ready to check out. We would advise that you use our Artwork Templates and Guidelines to ensure your file is compatible. It will also save you the £4.95 File Check charge.
  • File Assist – We understand that you may not have the programs or skills to create your whiteboard artwork in a format we require. This is not a problem. We will assist and convert your file from any way you can send to us. Please upload your file when you check out.
  • We Design – If you have a whiteboard idea but don’t have the time to create your designs we can help you all the way. All we require is your thoughts. The more information you can provide the better. A sketch of the details you want us to copy is perfect. Please feel free to use our Artwork Templates to help with board dimensions. Simply sketch your ideas, take a photo and upload at check out. We will do the rest.
  • For Large files over 8MB please use WeTransfer.com.

All orders will receive a scaled artwork proof. We will not go to print until we have your full approval.

For further guidance please use our Artwork Guidelines and Artwork Templates.

Our helpful and friendly staff are here if you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact [email protected] or call 0141 637 4892